In Switzerland we do not joke with the quality of manufacture because it is the reputation of an entire industry that is at stake!In the past, brands that have become mythical like Nagra, Studer-Revox, but even today Sonosax or Merging, have not become world number 1 for nothing.

So I do my best to follow this logic which requires a lot more work in the design but makes all the difference afterwards: you can have confidence in your devices and that is priceless.

The Curve, ain't born typical

On a pedal, the external power connector is often the weak part: in general it is a small fragile (and inexpensive) plastic thing soldered on the printed circuit, it is he who breaks first because mechanically it is really bad (and sometimes it will damage the pcb too!). None of that here: solid metal connector fixed to the case by its nut, and if it wears out it will be easy to replace.
The same for the mini-switches often simply "pushed" into the hole without any nut coming to solidify the assembly = assured breakage at the worst moment! Here too the nut is in place, nothing moves and for a long time.
Zero wires assembly = no mess less noise, less loss, more reliable and faster assembly = better and cheaper, what are the people asking for?
And no more broken 9V battery cable thanks to the solid connectors soldered directly to the pcb. The battery is simply held perfectly in place by a leather strap (no plastic foam here), simple, efficient and will last forever.
PCB made in two sections: connection, power supply and switching on the motherboard, sound processing and the user interface on a daughterboard. We only replace the one that poses a problem if needed and moreover, it can be updated by a possible new version (there have been 4 versions already!)  and does not require to buy the entire pedal.This motherboard will also be found in all my pedals, a scale economy always welcome to keep production cost down.The component which generates the internal voltage of 2x22 Volts is mounted on a quality "tulip" machined socket because nothing is everlasting: it can easily be replaced in 2 minutes if it breaks despite the diode protection. Same for the operational amplifier which generates the boost and filters, mounted on a quality socket, it can be changed. A little note for DIY enthusiasts: do not try replacing it with old supposedly magic op amps, they will certainly go up in smoke at worst and at best performance will be greatly degraded.
If you are a professional artist and one of my devices is an integral part of your equipment, do not hesitate to contact me to set up a backup strategy.
All components are fitted and soldered by hand, then each pedal is assembled and measured and must reach exact specifications. The response curve is printed and glued into the housing to certify that everything is correct.

Guarantee, after-sales service and repair

The shipping costs are your responsibility, for the rest, it's on me unless the pedal is passed under a truck: in this case I will give you a quote and you decide, but I will always try find a solution at a fair price.
Guarantee to the first purchaser according to the Swiss legal clauses currently applied, i.e. 2 years on parts and components excluding labor if improper use, upon return to the workshop.


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