The Curve Clean Eq Booster

The final level in valve amplifiers  control -  reveal those hidden singing overtones and rich harmonics by avoiding ugly blocking distortion and noise. No artificial dynamic killer circuit here, just a more natural valve compression by overdriving it the right way.

Blues-rock by The Tone Factory

Superlative performances

Max Boost: +32 db  

1 Vin=15 Vout @ 0.025%THD

thanks to internal 2x22 VDC converter from a 12 VDC wall plug

This is what it takes to reveal your valve amp secret

I did not decide on the laws of physics: to saturate a triode well, these conditions must be met and that's it. In your amplifier the valves are powered by 200 to 300 VDC and even much more for the power tubes. So it's not with the pretty little pedals that work with a small battery of only 9V that you are going to shake them properly, let's be serious.

Swiss Made - Zero wire concept - Hand assembled and played one by one - No compromise on quality. See more here (ajouter photo courbe imprimé dedans)

Take control of your valve amp

Don't let your amp impose its law on you: take the power back , it's up to you with The Curve.

On most read valve amps (mettre une liste en lien), your guitar enters almost directly on a first triode, then follows the volume potentiometer or a sort of tone control or both (or the gain potentiometer if your amp has a master volume, but this is the another way).

Thanks to The Curve, this first volume potentiometer will turn into the Master Volume of this very first triode and now you will be able to push this valve very hard and finally make it sing thanks to the huge voltage The Curve can apply but at the right spectrum: enter that Low Cut now !

Of course, the signal chain continues perhaps to a tone stack and to the power valves : it's up to you to adjust the sound to you taste but keep always in mind that you have to prevent too much bass that strain the valves at each stage.

I designed The Curve this way because I couldn't find an equivalent pedal and I had to cascade 2 equalizers to get close to this ideal curve but unfortunately it was missing a lot of volts with too much noise. 

Some amps are hidding you cool sounds (photo de mon Vibrolux ici)

The Curves

Keep what count, reject what is not

Too much lows in the a boosted signal and the valves will collapse, can even be a cool effect and you can get it if this is what you want. But if you're after sustain, dynamic and flying notes, you better take control of this with The Curve. 

Learn more here (vers page technique à creer).

So The Curve it's like having a specialized  studio parametric eq with a guitar input (rare...) at your feet

Dual PCB Concept

Upgradable/updatable concept: motherboard hold power supply connectors and switching while daughterboard takes care of signal processing and human  interface

Neutrik connectors, quality switches

Rock solid metalic DC connector with strong mecanical junction afixed by nut

Top notch audio grade components

Huge Quality Alpha Potentiometer - no tiny plastic toys here

Machined IC Sockets: easy to repaire by changing the fried opamp or regulator because shit happens !

No more 9V battery cable broken at the worst moment and no wire's pile of knots messing the sound around

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